sQML: Simple- Quantum Language

This is my language is designed for my “Simple Quantum Computer System Simulator” (tentative name), which I made during my internship at IIIT-Delhi. It is , in NO WAY targed as competition to the professional simulators like Qiskit, Qcirq, Pennylane, Forest or Ocean. On the contrary, it is aimed at providing a simple, very basic, quantum computer simulation capabilities, that anyone can read and quickly modify it to their research needs.

Need a custom simulator for Quantum Machine Learning?, Quantum Biology? or Quantum Chemistry? or anything else, Simple quantum simulator is easy, modular, and super fast to modify for any project related to quantum!

Entire software stack is divided into 4 modules: (this is tentative and subjected to change)

sQML: Syntax

Gate Library Syntax

NOTE: DO NOT put ‘_underscore’ in GateName. It is a special charater The gate libary can be used for defining custom gates. Its syntax is as follows:

GateName:(gate matrix)

Circuit File Syntax

The circuit file can be defined as follows:

For reversed CNOT Gate: cnot_r:(target_qubit, control_qubit)

* Custom U-Gates:

u3_(theta,phi,lambda):(qubit number)

u2_(phi,lambda):(qubit number)

u1_(lambda):(qubit number)

* Custom Rotation gates:

rx_(angle):(qubit number)

ry_(angle):(qubit number)

rz_(angle):(qubit number) ```